Olivier Thiery & Sophie Labandibar

Illuminated Bass

Works for double bass and piano by Schubert, Schumann, Hindemith & Bottesini

‘A stunning recital that displays the bass at its most agile and thrilling’

The Strad, 03-02-2014

‘I recorded this CD mainly to prove that the double bass also sounds great as a solo instrument. I don’t aim for personal fame or popularity, I just love my instrument and I hope to inspire other people to listen to the wonderful sound of this commonly misunderstood instrument! Performing music, in general, to me means living completely in the moment, with all senses. In some concerts, as well in orchestral, chamber or solo music, you manage to lose yourself in the music; reaching this state of being is beyond words! It’s this rare and unique moment were you forget all the rest and there’s just music all around you, when the symbiosis of all your senses comes together to form a pure moment of ecstasy! And to share this moment with the audience is, in my opinion, the greatest moment of being a musician!’

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